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Progressive Park Performance


Special Features:
Base Deck


black edition

Available lengths:
138 . 142 . 146 . 151 . 155 . 157w

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V-Rocker Concept blended with Doublecamber system relieves pressure for a loose ride when shifting weight. The camber sections in the binding areas maintain response when pressure is applied for ollie power when needed, suiting riders with a fluent riding style.

Terrain: Park and Rails

HC 90

Increased longitudinal HoneyComb segment in the central section of our SLX provide
precise board flex. SuperSpin segments in the tip and tail reduce swing weight: pure freestyle performance! The overall core weight is reduced by 40%.


A softer flex between the bindings gives you a more playful ride while serious pop boosts your ollies. Perfect for jumps, spins and tricks.

Power Plates

Segments of beech wood provide a more direct power transmission to the edges and extra stability in the binding area.

Biax Fibre

Biax fibres provide the board with perfectly balanced flex and softer torsion. They make the board easy to control and guarantee relaxed riding characteristics.

Stone Grind Finish

Smooth stone finish with diamond structure, enabling highest speeds in various snow conditions.

Base deck

Ever dreaded sticky snow on cold powder days? Our new base deck puts an end to that. And best of all, after some brushing and waxing it looks brand new again...

SLX Core

Deluxe version of hand-selected, extremely lightweight poplar cores. Its perfect balance of dynamic properties and ecological sustainability make it our first choice. In combination with HoneyComb, it offers top notch performance,strength and flexibility.

ABS-Sandwich Construction

All FANATIC boards are built exclusively using laminated tip-to-tail woodcore construction. ABS sidewalls with 30° angle cut offer the best balance in power transmission, dampening properties and impact resistance.

Premium Sintered Base IS 7200

The Premium Sintered offers superior gliding characteristics. In order for it to develop its full potential, it requires regular maintenance.

Radial Sidecut

The single radius design creates balanced riding characteristics for a lively, yet predictable ride. Perfect for riders seeking for utmost all mountain versatility.

Technical Details

Length 138 142 146 151 155 157w
Effective Edge 1070 1100 1126 1150 1176 1210
Running Length 1040 1060 1100 1130 1156 1185
Tip Width (mm) 275 278 283 288 294 303
Waist Width (mm) 236 240 243 247 251 258
Tail Width (mm) 275 278 283 288 294 303
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 6,8 7,2 7,5 7,6 7,7 7,8
Setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Recommended Stance (cm) 54 54 55 56 57 58
Adjust. Range (cm) 50-58 50-58 50-58 52-60 53-61 54-62
Board Weight (kg) 2,4 2,5 2,55 2,65 2,85 2,95
Rider Weight (kg) <45 <50 <55 45-70 50-80 55-85