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Available lengths:
138 . 142 . 147 . 152

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TWINTIP VARIO CAMBER with autoadaptive edge contact provides utmost control at highspeed and unmatched ollie pop, many riders with
powerful riding style don't want to miss.

Terrain: Park, Allterrain

HC 50

A central HoneyComb bar shaves off 20% core weight. Well balanced torsion and flex characteristics add riding comfort and enhance buttery jibs.

SL Core

Our SL core is using tip-to-tail poplar wood in combination with HoneyComb, providing for a perfect blend of sustainability, lively boardfeel and low weight.

Premium Base IS 4400

The premium Base is an extruded Base and it combines excellent gliding characteristics with durability. Works in all snow conditions, easy maintenance.

Biax Fibre

Biax fibres provide the board with perfectly balanced flex and softer torsion. They make the board easy to control and guarantee relaxed riding characteristics.


A softer flex between the bindings gives you a more playful ride while serious pop boosts your ollies. Perfect for jumps, spins and tricks.

Radial Sidecut

The single radius design creates balanced riding characteristics for a lively, yet predictable ride. Perfect for riders seeking for utmost all mountain versatility.

ABS-Sandwich Construction

All FANATIC boards are built exclusively using laminated tip-to-tail woodcore construction. ABS sidewalls with 30° angle cut offer the best balance in power transmission, dampening properties and impact resistance.

Technical Details

Length 138 142 147 152
Camber Contact Length (mm) 820 860 920 960
Effective Edge 1032 1068 1114 1164
Running Length 984 1020 1066 1114
Tip Width (mm) 268 273 277 280
Waist Width (mm) 234 237 240 243
Tail Width (mm) 268 273 277 280
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 7,0 7,2 7,6 8,2
Setback (mm) 10 10 10 10
Recommended Stance (cm) 46 48 50 51
Adjust. Range (cm) 42-50 44-52 46-54 47-55
Board Weight (kg) 2,25 2,35 2,45 2,6
Rider Weight (kg) <40 <45 45-60 45-65