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Dominik Brunner (A)

Facts about Dominik Brunner

  • Name: Dominik Brunner
  • Nation: Austria
  • Wohnort: Seefeld in Tirol
  • Geburtstag: 28.01.1989
  • Homespot: Innsbruck surrounding
  • Regular/Goofy: Goofy
  • Sponsoren: FTC Snowboards, Horsefeathers , Deeluxe, Union, Adidas Eyewear, Sane!, Grounded
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Dominik Brunner Interview

Your first snowboard?
Burton Punch

Where and when was your first snowboard day?
Seefeld Geigenbuhel I was 12

My friends call me ...
Brunna, Jake

What are you up when youLre not snowboarding?
Girlfriend, Skateboarding, Golfing , Hanging out with friends, Party

Are There any riders that have influenced you especially?
Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo

Your " favourite trick" ?
cab 5, Backflip

Tight Pants or Paggy Pants?

What makes you laugh the most?
stupid funny slams, good jokes

You get 1 million euros. How do you spend it?
I donLt know maybe I would go to the casino an put everything on black ..... ;-) hahaha

I would love being able to ....
fly like a bird

The most beautiful ladies from ... !!

At night I dream of ....
my Girlfriend

Snowboarding is like .....!
nothing else

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
hopefully healthy