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Nicholas Wolken (A)

Nico lives snowboarding and he is known for his creative style, coming up with moves, you do not see very often from other riders.

And he is on a mission:

to bring back the original fascination of snowboarding and help developing products, incorporating just that!

Facts about Nicolas Wolken

  • Name: Nicholas Wolken
  • Nation: Schweiz
  • Adress: Innsbruck
  • Birthday: 17.02.1983
  • Homespot: Davos
  • Regular/Goofy: Regular
  • Sponsors: FTC Snowboards, ThirtyTwo Boots/Outerwear, Etnies Streetwear, Spy Googles/Sunglasses
  • Web:
  • Videos: Nicholas Wolken @ Snowstoked Snowboard TV

Nicholas Wolken Interview

Your first snowboard?
the snowfish (blue board)

Where and when was your first snowboard day?
Grusch Danusa I was about 7, i guess

My friends call me c
Shaggy, Jonny Trash, Fast

What are you up to when youLre not snowboarding?
Studding, Climbing Surfing, Hanging out with friends

Are there any riders that have influenced you especially?
Markus Keller and Stefan Maurer

Your "favourite trick"?
Bs Air

Tight Pants or Baggy Pants?
In between

What makes you laugh the most?

You get 1 million euros. How do you spend it?
I would travel or buy a house in australia

I would love beeing able to c
Play a view instruments

The most beautiful ladies come from c!

At night I dream of c
all kind of weird stuff

Snowboarding is like c!
nothing else

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?